Brittany Mota-Wiley, also known as Bridder Berry, Briddy and Briddy B is the older sister of Bethany. She is currently married and has a toddler daughter named Marin Mae Wiley. She has made multiple apperances in her sister's videos and vlogs. She is born September 23, 1990 is 5 years older that Bethany. She has pale skin, black hair and brown eyes.


    She listens to a variety of music, such as Rock, Rap, and Pop
  • She studied and she is hoping to get a job in the medical industry
  • She and Bethany are Portugese by blood. 
  • Her favorite colors are green, purple, and turquoise.
  • Bethany describes her as beautiful, sarcastic, and funny.
  • In their Best of Both Worlds TAG (The Sister TAG), Bethany says Brittany takes the least amount of time to get ready.
  • She loves movies like The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Harry Potter, Twilight, Alice in Wonerland, Something Borrowed, etc.
  • She likes going shopping and going out to eat with Bethany.
  • She's learned makeup tips from Bethany such as how to blend your eyeshadow and how to use liquid eyeliner.
  • She's taught her sister how to drink Kool-Aid with a straw into her nose.
  • She watches Youtubers such as Jenna Marbles, The Potter Puppet Pals, etc.
  • She mentioned that she always misses her sister when she doesn't get the chance to see her.
  • She likes eating chips and dip, Ruffles, Lunchables, Cheese and Crackers, and Girl Scout cookies.
  • She currently lives 20-30 minutes away from Bethany.
  • She takes and borrows a lot of Beth's makeup and clothes.
  • She loves watching Pretty Little Liars, Cupcake Wars, Jersey Shore, and That 70's Show.
  • Her style is described as daring, crazy, colorful, glittery, and sequiny.
  • She has a YouTube channel,as most of you know.