Roomspiration is a series where room decorating and organization tips are given to the viewers by Bethany Mota. Most decorating tips are given through DIY tutorials.

Bethany's first #Roomspiration video was uploaded on January 8th, 2013. This video included many organization tips, a DIY heart-shaped photo collage, and heart lanterns.

Beth's second #Roomspiration video, published on February 18th, 2013, featured room decorations, such as vases, a chandelier, and a tin camera, made solely from water bottles and soda pop cans.

The third #Roomspiration video, titled "Easy ways to decorate your room for Fall! + How to make it cozy", was posted on August 23rd, 2013. As the title states, this video was focused on autumn-themed decoration tips such as throw blankets and pillows, scented candles, and DIY quote wall art.

Beth's fourth #Roomspiration video was Christmas themed, and was published on November 12th, 2013. The DIYs in this video included a Christmas card display wreath, 3D box art, and sparkly snowflake and bauble garland.

The fifth #Roomspiration video, uploaded on January 7th, 2014, highlighted Valentine's Day-themed decorations such as felt block letters, heart garland, and DIY painted pillows.

Bethany's sixth and latest official #Roomspiration video was published on March 9th, 2014, and was spring-themed. These decorations and organization tips included nail polish collection stand, tiered jewelry holder, and spray-painted lamps.

Bethany has also included DIY decorations and organization tips in a few of her other videos, such as her back-to-school video (posted on July 4th, 2014) and her holiday projects video (December 19th, 2014). However, these cannot be considered #Roomspiration videos, as these were included in two of her different categories.